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Showing 1–60 of 159 results

Pokemon GO accounts for sale – are they worth anything?

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game that became a global sensation in the summer of 2016. The game allows players, by the use of their smartphone, to catch Pokemon and battle other players.

Developers in August 2021 introduced an update dubbed “Gen 8” which includes a whole load of new Pokemon. So now there are even more reasons to play the game!

Some players sell their Pokemon accounts for much more than they cost in the store. It’s not uncommon to see accounts for sale at $200 or $300 each on eBay or Craigslist, but how much do they really sell for?

The truth is that the value varies depending on where you’re selling your account and who you’re selling it to. If it’s advertised as a whole account with all available Gen 1 up to Gen 8 Pokemon, then it’ll be worth much.

Pokemon Go accounts for sale – Instant delivery and why it’s so important

Pokemon Go is a game that has taken the world by storm. It has become so popular that it’s left many people wanting to buy accounts for the game. Even though you may say that it’s not necessary, there are reasons why buying an account is important.

The account will have your username and password on it. This means that when you log in to the game, you can just log in with your credentials and start playing right away without having to go through all of the same information again. This can be especially important if you need an account for a child who doesn’t want their login information saved on their phone or computer

Pokemon GO accounts sellers often offer instant delivery, game accounts also available in bulk at a discounted price. Buying more than one account will save you money which is something worth considering if you’re looking.

Why Some Gamers are looking to buy Pokemon Go account for sale

Game lovers and mobile gamers alike enjoy the popular mobile game Pokemon Go. The Pokemon Company came up with the idea of seeing Pokemon “alive” in real life before augmented reality was a thing and teamed up with Niantic for a game based on the trend. Pokemon fans wanted to experience what it would be like if they were surrounded by Pokemon on a day-to-day basis, and this was, of course, impossible.

Pokemon Go’s success can be attributed to a combination of nostalgia and the emerging mobile gaming community. There was a time when mobile games were ridiculed and purists claimed they weren’t real games, but that’s no longer the case. Gaming on mobile devices has evolved far beyond what anyone could have expected and has become a giant within the gaming industry. Some companies have started developing accessories specifically designed to make playing mobile games better, while others have developed games that would not be accepted in the PC or console gaming market otherwise.

Trainers can run around and explore the world around them while trying to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It is The Pokemon Company’s way of saying that gamers should get out of the house every now and then. If you want to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you’ll have to visit monument sites parks, or just take a walk around your neighborhood.

It is possible to catch Pokemon at home, but it is relatively difficult. Not only will one not be able to catch as many Pokemon as they would like if they don’t live near a hotspot. Hence the need for Pokemon Go accounts for sale. Some gamers would rather have Pokemon Go accounts that automatically contain all of their favorite Pokemon since they don’t always have the time or ability to go outside.

Tips when looking for Pokemon Go Accounts for Sale

Get your favorite Pokemon – strong ones too

There are plenty of Pokemon Go that are waiting to be caught. Unfortunately, trainers never know what type of Pokemon will appear. While the game shows which types of Pokemon are usually found in a particular area by using their shadows (if they haven’t been caught by the trainers previously), there are still random encounters which make it difficult to capture the Pokemon you’re looking for.

When a buyer is looking for a Pokemon Go account, it’s recommended that they already have a list of the Pokemon that they want inside the account. That way, they no longer have to scan through everything and just prioritize as to whether the account that they’re looking into has the Pokemon that they want or not.

Don’t forget about the right amount of Stardust

Pokemon Go relies heavily on stardust and it’s an essential part of the experience. This is because it raises the CP of Pokemon and allows the player to level up. Stardust is relatively easy to use, but acquiring enough of it can be a challenge. Some trainers put more emphasis on Stardust than anything else. In Pokemon Go, there are a number of ways to get more Stardust, but catching Pokemon is the simplest.

Trainers have to constantly be on the go to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go, which is the meat and potatoes of the game. Because of the Gen 2 update that was implemented in February 2018, trainers who catch a wild Pokemon with a higher evolution chain will be able to receive more Stardust and even Candy.

Shadow Pokemon are stronger

There are shiny and legendary Pokemon in this game just as in any other Pokemon game, but catching them is not easy. Niantic has been putting on seasonal events in which Legendary Pokemon can be caught for a limited time, but shiny Pokemon, on the other hand, are a whole other story.

Due to the extremely slim chance of getting one, many people consider them to be rare and present them almost as trophies for having superior stats than their ordinary Rattata. Pokemon Go has both shiny and legendary Pokemon, which are essential for trainers who plan to gather all of the Legendary Pokemon that have been released, but they aren’t essential or required for anyone looking to purchase an account.