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Frequently Asked Questions​

All of the accounts are delivered to your email address used to checkout after payment being processed. If for any reason you haven’t received this email please reach out to us at

Yes, we offer our services worldwide and you can buy your account from any country around the world.

Absolutely! Neither trading nor selling accounts is illegal. Thus, as a buyer, you have no reason to worry. Also, our accounts are 100% legit – no Slashed Pokemons, no red warnings, nothing! For added comfort, we provide a lifetime warranty for any account purchased. Please note, however, that this warranty will be void in the case of any account misuse (such as tampering with third-party software).

Nope. Our accounts are fully secure and unbannable. Don’t forget about that lifetime warranty, either! (Again, however, make note: should any misuse occur with third-party software, your warranty will be void.)

We deliver our accounts instantly! Once your payment is processed your account should be sent to your email address provided at the checkout up to 5 minutes.

In 98% of the cases username is changeable, if you would like to be 100% sure please contact us before the purchase and we will check that for you. Changing the team all depends on when the last team change happened, usually you will be able to switch the team by purchasing the Medallion in-game. Choose your account carefully since by default we do not cover team change in our guarantee after purchase.

No worries! This is a common error that occurs when you enter a wrong password at least once. If you are on Android, you will need to clear the Data & Cache from your Pokemon GO app and try again.


Yes, our accounts work in any country around the world.

Yes, we do. Please navigate to our Reviews page.

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